Platinet Triproof Fixture 36w Led120cm 6k

Platinet Triproof Fixture 36w Led120cm 6k

Reference: PL-TPLED1206K


Quantity per box: 8


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Hermetic cover with LED panel and electronic ballast.


Diode type: SMD
Luminous flux 1 pc: 3600lm
Power supply: 165-265V
Lighting angle: 120st
Number of seats for a fluorescent lamp in the frame: 0
Power consumption for two fluorescent lamps: 36W
Number of cycles on / off: 25,000
Lifespan: 40,000
Size: length / height: 120X10,3X7,5 CTN MEAS123X24X24
Time to obtain full power:> 1s
Light color: 6000K

What are Triproof lights?

Tri-proof lights mean waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion proof. They are made with special corrosion-proof materials and silicone sealing ring to realize protection requirements for the fixtures. From the ends where the cable comes out, there are with waterproof PG connectors for seamless connection, it secures the cable and keeps water and dust from entering. LED tri-proof lights are specially designed and also can withstand high pressure. The IP rating for tri-proof light is IP65.

The main characteristic is that the diodes are surface mounted and not assembled inside a led tube. This fact enhances the thermal dispersion increasing the reliability of the semiconductors.

What are the benefits of Triproof light?

Anti-glare, with low UGR. Tri-proof lights made with milky diffuser emit a soft, warm light that is safe for our eyes. Especially when the fittings are mounted in the parking lot, light with low UGR is safe for drivers to drive a car.

Maintenance-free ? Tri-proof fixtures are heavy-duty and specially made to with stand harsh conditions. It requires less maintenance and has a long life span.
IP 65 waterproof ? For applications like farms, slaughter-houses, food factories, etc, IP65 fixtures are a must for the wet environment.

Long life span
High efficiency ? High light output
Simple wiring
Easy installation
Cheap, low cost
Water and dustproof

Where to use it?

The suitable places such as: factory, farm, factories, warehouses, school, hospital, supermarket, underground parking, garage and etc so it's a great product to show on retail chain.


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